We are already using vent diagrams in pedagogical and organizing spaces  -- maybe you are too! Do it!

Rachel & E.M. are also developing workshops for people of many different ages & contexts.  We will share these curriculums here, as we develop them.

Here are some --please feel to use / modify them all, with credit to @Vent_Diagrams!:

  • A powerpoint workshop outline that E.M. facilitated with a group of about 15 queer-identified high schoolers learning about queer art & activism. 
  • A workshop outline for a no-tech session E.M. facilitated with a group of about 40 folks involved in a Participatory Research Action Project together.
  • The ppt  workshop outline for the first open-to-the-public venting workshop (Vent Diagrams IRL) that Rachel & Elana ever co-facilitated at the New Women Space in Brooklyn, NY. 

And, let us know if you have ideas.  We'd be thrilled to share your curriculums with others on this site if you'd be excited about that, too!